Getting the books you want from the library

I previously posted this about a year ago, I thought this might be useful as some of us have a long list of books in our to-read list thanks to Perfect Picture Book Fridays. Hope you find this helpful.

Most libraries will allow you to do an on-line search through the catalog and reserve books. When the books become available you will be notified, usually via email. This is a great way to get the books you want without having to spend a lot of time searching through bookshelves.

I live in a big city which has multiple library satellite sites, hence a lot of times the book I want isn’t at my local site. But I can request the book and have it shipped to my local library. Often times while I am reading about books on other web sites, I’ll just click over to my local library site, look up the book and request it. A few days later on my way home from work, I’ll stop by my local library, run to the  holdshelf to pick-up my books, and do self-checkout all in less than 5 mins (usually right before closing time).

If your library system doesn’t allow you to request books that are on the bookshelves, you may be able to call the library and request for a librarian to pull the book from the shelf and hold it for you. I discovered this was the policy at another library system I use.

See if you can do this at your library, it is a huge time saver and you “get the books you want”.

If you have any other tips, would love to hear them.

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  1. This is a great tip. After Susanna Hill’s Perfect Picture Book Friday, I have been going online to the library site and reserving picture books that were written up. I get an email when the books are available and then I just pop in and pick them up. It is so easy (especially since I am usually herding around two young kids).

  2. This is how I get all my books – through the Mid-Hudson Library system which is extensive and all over the place. I just ask for the books I want and they show up at my closest branch – it’s totally awesome!

  3. Yes, I do the same thing. Only problem, is that the new books I want to review have several holds on them. Or the special needs books I review, aren’t in the system and I have to order them “new/used.” I also keep a blue Library pad and frequently submit suggestions for books, or sometimes they look them up and order them for me if they are from a known author.

    • My library system has an RSS feed with listings of their “new” books. Usually theses are books not on the shelf yet but are in the process of being acquired. When I see a new book on this list I put in on my “request” list, so I will be one of the first to get it. What is a “blue library pad” ? You are able to get the library to purchase books you request, pretty cool. I can submit requests to my library, but its like a black hole.

    • Haven’t seen a list of new books. But, will have to go back and research or ask. I know if I ask them to check, they’ll tell me a big is on order. Thanks.

  4. We thankfully can do this in our library system. I also discovered that my library will allow me to pick up books at the drive-thru window. It’s helped out several times when kiddo just can’t take one more “in and out” of the carseat.

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