See Inside Your Body

Title: See Inside Your Body

Author: Katie Daynes
Illustrator: Colin King
Publisher: Usborne Books, 2006
Book Type: Non-Fiction

Ages: 3-8

Themes: Human Body, Science


Learn how the body works in this simple, colorful lift-the-flap book. Topics covered are Eating & Excreting, Breathing Air, Pumping Blood, Bones & Muscles, Brain Power, the Senses, Drinking & Peeing.


Many of the Usborne non-fiction books have an accompanying webpage full of supplementary Internet links. Here is the link for this book.

Here is an extensive classroom plan for teaching the human body with worksheets. Another site which has worksheets and puzzle games. TeacherVision (membership site) has extensive resources such as lesson plans, printables, quizzes, science activities on the subject of the human body, click here.

Why I Like This Book:

This is a wonderful educational book which breaks down various concepts of the human body into simple, easy-to-understand text. Each page spread discusses one of the body’s systems, by covering the main functions of the relevant organs and walking the reader through a step-by-step process. What makes this book unique are the extra little side notes. The author uses these side notes to connect the concepts to everyday occurrences. For instance the first page, Eating & Excreting, discusses how the body processes food.

Technical: Your windpipe takes air to your lungs.

Side Note: If food goes down your windpipe by mistake, you cough to push it back up.  (I use this line of my kids, when they are bouncing up and down at the dinner table.)

The illustrations are colorful, lively, and humorous. There are over 50 flaps which kids will love to look through and find nuggets of information. The book is a hardcover with board book type pages. There are only 15 pages but a kid could easily spend over a half hour pouring through the details.

Since the text and illustrations are quite detailed and the numerous flaps, this book is best suited for a classroom or home library.

This book is part of the “See Inside” series by Usborne. They have numerous other titles covering science, history, space, and more.

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.


29 Comments to “See Inside Your Body”

  1. I do not have any of the Usborne Books…but I have heard a lot about them. This one looks enchanting…I think older kids would love it also…and learn quite a lot. I like the flap idea…kind of a self-test once they have read through the book several times.
    Thanks for selecting this one for PPBF…for home or school setting, it would help kids understand their bodies…and it could probably teach us adults some stuff we don’t know. 🙂

    • For slightly older kids I would recommend Usborne’s First Encyclopedia of the Human Body. It goes more in-depth and uses photographs/drawings. Less kiddy than the flap book.

  2. What a neat book to teach kids about the human body! I love those illustrations too, it would definitely pique their curiosity and hopefully they’d remember something useful 🙂

  3. I always liked (as still like) books like this. It is cool to learn about what is inside of me. I like the flap book idea too!

  4. Fantastic! Wonderful review. Excellent illustrations. All kids need this book. What an awesome choice. And what a great learning/teaching tool. Adding it to my list.

  5. This is a very popular book in our school library. Usborne are really skilled in these fact-packed nonfiction books!

    • Yes, I too like the once I have come across so far. Sadly our public library has a limited selection. We currently have “See Inside Castles”. Interesting that my girls like it since they aren’t normally into that stuff. I actually learned a lot, helped when I was reading Pillars of the Earth and trying to understand the layout of a castle.

  6. Lift-the-flap is such a great way to do a book about the human body, and this one looks like a winner! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Wow, those illustrations are amazing! And it’s lift the flap? My kids are both obsessed with the human body right now. We even have a children’s encyclopedia on the subject, but I have to say this book looks even better. Thanks for sharing it!

  8. This book sounds great! I love well-written non-fiction – kids are so curious about everything, and it’s great to have titles that satisfy their curiosity. I love that this book incorporates humor along with knowledge – everything is more palatable when it’s fun 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing this one, Darshana – we don’t have a lot of science books yet, and I think this is the first about the human body, so a great addition to our list!!!

  9. I would love to see this book in the classrooms. So many times kids (and adults) don’t understand how interconnected all of our body parts are. Anything that’s lift the flap has to be fun! Excellent choice and yes- great minds think alike!

  10. There are a ton of books in this series. There is a new one called “See Inside Inventions.”
    Great review! I think I will have to share it. 🙂


  11. Ooh, love this concept. My boys have completely destroyed their Christmas lift-the-flap book (The floor is littered with flaps! So sad!), so clearly we’ll wait a bit longer. The “See Inside Inventions” that Debbie mentioned sounds fab, too. Thanks for the intro to the series!

  12. Darshana, I really enjoyed your selection. Have purchased other Usborne Books books in the series for grandsons and they loved them. I really like the one you selected to review. Kids really like to know how their bodies and brains work. Great choice. We need some science books in our collection.

  13. I love Usborne Books. This looks like it would be a hit in our house. We have an Usborne lift-the-flap atlas, which we adore, and this sounds very similar.

  14. We love Usborne books, they are always of a high quality in terms of content. This one in particular has been well loved here! An excellent choice with great resources.

  15. Great Choice Darshana, and like the others enjoyed the selection of books you are coming up with for the PPBF series. This is a very colourful book as well as having plenty of facts to read and teach.

  16. I love Usborne books. I’ll have to take a look at this one. Thanks for the review, Darshana.

  17. I can definitely see my kids poring over this book for hours. And what great resources! Thanks for sharing, Darshana!

  18. Really nice! Thanks for including the illustration for reference. This is well done.

  19. This looks like such a fantastic book! I definitely know a few kids who would love to read this. Thanks for sharing at the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  20. Usborne does such a nice job with their books. The kids at my library definitely enjoy them. This looks like it would be good addition to the collection.

    Geo Librarian
    Kid Lit Blog Hop

  21. My kids have a very similar book and they just LOVE it. I used to flip through encyclopedia’s when I was little and I was always fascinated with the section on the human body. It had those overlapping semi-transparent pages that overlayed the different systems (respiratory, digestive, skeletal) – it was so cool! Thanks for sharing your post at the Kid Lit Blog Hop once again! 🙂

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