“… if you long to understand the world, read a book. If you long to understand yourself, then write one.”
by Trudi Trueit in Scab for Treasurer? (Secrets of a Lab Rat)


My name is Darshana, I am a mom to two darling girls, 7 and 9. I love searching for the latest funny, interesting, educational, laugh-out-loud children’s book or rediscovering a classic and would like to share that with you. I am also a proponent of the We Need Diverse Books campaign, as I do believe stories for kids should be both a “window” into the lives of other people and also a “mirror” in reflecting a child’s own experience.

I mainly review picture books with some easy readers, chapter books, and middle-grade novels. The “Kidlit News & Tips” contain random information relating to books.

During the day I am a full time professional working in high-tech, but  the rest of the time I am knee-deep in kidlit stuff. Critiquing my peers’ manuscripts, keeping up with the latest kidlit news, working on my own picture book stories, and of course reading/reviewing children’s books. Follow my ups/downs and thoughts in the “Diary” tab.

Here is some random fun information about me.

My First Favorites:

1) Favorite first song: Tide is High by Blondie
2) Favorite first books that I can remember: Richard Scarry. I still love “What Do People do All Day“. Yeah, so does my daughter.
3) Favorite first subject in school: Math (ironically English was my worst .. but I loved creative writing!)
4) Favorite first color: lavender
5) Favorite first foods: pizza and bhav paji (kind of like a vegetarian sloppy joe)

Hope you enjoy the site, I can be reached at daisygardener12 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Disclaimer: I am an Amazon associate, which means that clicking on the image of a book I reviewed or on the title of any book mentioned in the review will take you to full publishing and purchasing information, as well as other reviews and comments for most books.

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