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January 19, 2012

Brain Burps: Q&A for Emma Dryden, Editor Extraordinaire

Previously, I posted about how much I enjoyed Katie Davis’s Brain Burps podcast. Seriously, I look forward to my Wednesday morning drive just so I can hear her latest episode.

This week’s podcast, a Q&A with editor Emma Dryden was a treasure, and one I plan to save so I can listen to again and again. This is a MUST listen for any Picture Book author or illustrator. They discuss picture book word count, speech tags, art notes, how a writer and writer/illustrator can submit manuscripts, overwriting versus underwriting a scene, and self-publishing.

You can listen to the podcast on your computer, through the Brain Burps App, or any other 3rd party podcast app.

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

October 14, 2011

Brain Burps and other Podcasts

One of things that makes my 40 minute commute to work bearable is that this is my time to catch up on my podcasts. It is so much better than having to listen to those annoying DJ’s in the morning, the constant stream of commercials on the news radio, or the same songs over and over on your favorite radio station.

What is a podcast you say ?

Really, seriously … okay sorry I live in Silicon Valley. A podcast is a digital audio or video file that you download or stream onto your computer or smartphone. These podcast episodes are usually released on a weekly or monthly basis. Think of it as a radio show over the Internet.

I have an iPhone and was originally getting my podcasts through the iTunes store. Typically the podcasts are free, at least the ones I listen to. Now I have switched to InstaCast, which automatically keeps track of my subscriptions and keeps it up-to-date. It streams the audio so I no longer have to download through iTunes. Yeah!!!

Here is my current playlist:

Brain Burps by Katie Davis – love, love, love it. The show is funny, lighthearted, and rich with different types of content:

  • Author interviews – Chapter Books, Middle-grade Books
  • Book reviews – PB reviewer Julie, she gives entertaining, descriptive reviews
  • Take 5  Marketing tips – useful for all your writers/illustrators out there
  • Katie will answer questions sent in by listeners on kidlit (children’s literature)

Brain Burps podcast is a must listen for anyone interested in children’s writing. About a month ago she did an interview with Verla Kay, which was fantastic. For those of you who don’t know Verla Kay’s message board gets up to 1 million hits a month, it’s a great resource for children’s writers. Click here for the interview.

The podcast is also good for parents, librarians, teachers who have an interest in literacy and children’s books.

Some other people she has interviewed recently are:

Other podcasts that I listen to are:

I Should be Writing – General writing tips by Mur Lafferty an author, magazine editor.

Grammar Girl – Weekly 8 min segment on a grammar topic by Mignon Fogerty.

Kidsmomo Book Review – Short book reviews targeted for a kid audience

NPR Book Podcast – Weekly round-up of book reviews from other NPR shows.

Are there any podcasts you really enjoy? Does anyone know of a good podcast for kids, maybe something to do with telling jokes?

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