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November 16, 2012

Tons of Trucks

Title: Tons of Trucks

Author: Sue Fliess
Illustrator: Betsy Snyder

Publisher: HMH Books, 2012
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: Birth – 4
Themes: Trucks, Rhyming, Interactive

Opening Lines:

“Tons osf trucks before our eyes, in every color shape and size.

Big trucks, strong trucks, scoop and dig trucks.”

Synopsis (from Amazon website):

Big trucks, small trucks, dump trucks, tow trucks, and all kinds of other trucks can be found in this playful touch-and-move book. A backhoe scoops and digs, a cement truck spins, a tar truck oozes sticky tar, and tabs pull up and out to reveal surprises. The trucks eventually slow down for a rest, where little hands can lift the flaps to see animals snuggling up for sleepy-time—under a rising moon. Filled with vibrant art and adorable characters, this book gives a child everything he’s looking for when he presses his face against the fence at a construction site!


Read more truck books, sing truck songs, or do truck crafts! (see this awesome post by Playing by the Book)

More links for truck crafts, printables (coloring sheets, mazes, word puzzles), and Pinterest boards on Cars & Trucks and Transportation.

Why I Like This Book:

Colorful, engaging concept book about trucks which have cute animals too. I fell in love with this book right away. The rhyming text has a good cadence, and the illustrations are just gorgeous. I love the way the colors just pop and the animals have a roundness to them making them appear child-like. The best part is the interactive aspect. The reader gets to pull, push, spin, swing, and lift as they explore all the different trucks. A unique aspect of the book design is that in some of the “lift” or “slide” parts, you don’t just see the rest of the truck but also the characters doing something fun or silly. Good feature which increases the re-readability and play-ability. Each spread shows the trucks at work. The final spread is a bedtime scene with parked trucks under a full moon. Lift the flaps to see how the animals are getting ready for bed.

Perfect holiday gift for any toddler, girl or boy!

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

July 24, 2012

Yawning Yoga

Title: Yawning Yoga

Author: Laurie Jordan
Illustrator: Aaron Randy
Publisher: 4th Street Media, 2011
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: 3-6
Themes: Yoga, Bedtime

Opening Lines:
“The day is done and it’s time for bed,
but your body’s still moving
and there are thoughts in you head.
So give thanks to your body
for all that it’s done;
from the moment you woke,
’til the day’s setting sun.”

Synopsis (from Yawning Yoga website):

Yawning Yoga is kid-tested (and parent approved!). It is truly and uniquely a book designed specifically to help kids sleep. The books’ careful sequencing makes it the perfect sleepy time book and helps a child establish a bedtime routine that is proven to work.

Incorporating Yawning Yoga into your child’s bedtime routine, provides the perfect sleep solution for your child by helping shift her minds’ focus from being preoccupied with daily stressors to focusing her attention to yoga postures, relaxation techniques and breath work, with the ultimate goal being a restful sleep.

But perhaps what’s most wonderful about Yawning Yoga is that it offers parents the opportunity to positively interact and bond with their children before bedtime, Not only will it help relax kids and increase the quality of their sleep, but will afford parents the same benefits.

Please check out for more info and to see some of the press and praise Yawning Yoga has received from leading experts in the sleep and yoga fields.

Why I Like This Book:

This is a unique book which provides kids with a sequence of yoga exercises to wind down at night. The first half of the book involves easy yoga positions to help get rid of that extra bit of energy; while the second half of the book shows relaxation exercises to calm the mind.  Perfect combination to calm boisterous little tikes.

Each exercise has its own rhyming stanza and an accompanying illustration.This book is full of kid appeal with both silly exercise names like Jiggle and Wiggle or the Twister, and the accompanying artwork, that starts with vibrant colors transitioning to a soft, soothing palette. The author has also included an index at the end containing a detailed explanation of the benefits, instructions, and photograph for each of the exercises in the story. Laurie Jordan, the author, is a New York-based yoga instructor. She is the creator of Little Sprouts Yoga for Kids and the Director of Kids Programming at Kaia Yoga.

I have read this book several times with my girls and they enjoy the exercises. I love the interactive aspect of this book, it’s a great way to connect with the kids and a lot of fun. I am still working on getting my girls to relax their minds. Funny how kids have ask ten million questions, right as you are trying to turn off the light, or maybe that is just my kids.

Click here to see the book  trailer on the Yawning Yoga website.

Disclosure: I received my copy of Yawning Yoga from the author. This review nevertheless reflects my own and honest opinion about the book.

February 2, 2012

The Monster at the End of this Book

Title: The Monster at the End of this Book

Author: Jon Stone

Illustrator: Michael Smollin

Publisher: Golden Books, 1971

Ages: 3-5

Themes: Fear, Humor, Interactive

Opening Sentences:


On the first page, what did that say? Did that say there will be a Monster at the end of this book???

IT DID? Oh, I am so scared of Monsters !!!


Grover comes up with innovative ways to beg the reader to not turn the page, for there is a MONSTER at the end of this book.

Why I Like This Book:

First all I must have been living out in the boonies when I was a child. I only learned of this book a few months ago as a number of kidlit folks (authors, librarians) have listed this book as one of their childhood favorites or the book they often gift. It has now become one of my go to gift for young kids.

This is one hilarious book, perfect for story time or lap-time reading. It is a blast to read out loud; who doesn’t love exaggerating when it elicits a laugh or two out those precious little kids. Kids reading it on their own will enjoy the interactivity of the book. In the narrative, Grover is talking to the reader. He tries to convince the reader or “prevent” them from not turning the page. Once the page is turned, the reader is rewarded with Grover’s theatrics about getting closer to the monster at the end of this book. The ending will delight the reader as it confirms what he already knows, which is that Grover is the Monster.

I love how the text and illustrations wonderfully convey Grover’s over the top antics. He is a bit of a drama queen. This book is also available as a book app. I just downloaded and it is even better than the book, as it heightens the hilarity of the whole situation. I can’t wait to show my kids the app this weekend. There is also a sequel book and book app called “Another Monster at the End of this Book“.

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

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