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April 2, 2012

Thank You!

Thank you all so much for leaving comments on my blogiversary post. Your feedback has been helpful in giving me direction for this blog.

1) I will continue to focus on Picture Book reviews with a smattering of other kidlit genres.

2) Many of you indicated you would like to know more about my writing journey. I am flattered *blushing* by this. My biggest fear with “writing journey/diary” posts is that I was afraid I would bore you. But due to your wonderful responses, I am going to give it shot.

There were a few folks who mentioned enjoying reading “craft” related posts. Unfortunately, I do not have the confidence to dole out advice yet. However, here is a list of resources I frequently use for learning craft:

Last but not least the giveaway Winner is …

Stacy Jensen

Congratulations Stacy, I will be contacting you soon about where to email the Amazon gift card.

Thank you Everyone for tuning in !

March 25, 2012

1st Blogiversary and Giveaway

This week marks 1 year of this blog. WOW, how time flies! The first six months things were off to a really S–L–O–W start, but since then things have been happening BLAZING FAST due to my involvement with the Cybils, PiBoIdMo, Perfect Picture Book Friday, and 12×12 Challenge. I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful people along the way. A

Big Thank You

to all my readers.  Your wonderful comments on-line and in-person are what keeps me motivated. In celebration of you the reader I am doing my first ever giveaway!! Enter for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Amazon. More details further down.

Flowering Minds on the Internet

Just wanted to let you know I have expanded the presence of Flowering Minds on the Internet. Here are the list of places and what each has to offer.

  1. Flowering Minds Blog  – This site which contains all the book reviews and additional book related posts.
  2. RSS Feed – Read all the posts from the blog in your reader. To follow via RSS click on the orange button in the righ-hand side toolbar.
  3. Facebook Page – All book reviews from the blog are posted to the FB page. In addition, since I spend way to much time on FB everyday, I am also share interesting links, publishing news, and photos related to children’s literature. If you would like to follow via FB click on the blue button, then click “Like”, so posts will show up in your News Feed.
  4. Goodreads – All book reviews from the blog will have a link in Goodreads. I read a lot of books but only write a review for maybe 1 in 20. If you would like to see my thoughts and ratings of other books then checkout what’s on my shelf. Click the beige button.
  5. Pinterest – Yes I have joined the latest craze. I am still figuring out how to utilize this medium effectively. I have a number of boards related to kids, crafts, organizing tips, and of course kidlit. For all you writers, I have a board called “Kidlit Writing Posts” where I collect posts on writing children’s books, agenting, etc.

Now that you know where to find out more about me, my thoughts and likes, I would like to know more about you and your thoughts about this blog. I am considering broadening the scope of my posts and your feedback will help me in deciding what direction to take.

Q1. Are you reading this blog primarily as a parent, teacher, librarian, children’s author, or just a general lover of kids’ books?

Q2. I mainly post children’s book reviews. I am thinking of doing more posts about my own writing journey and maybe even “Gratitude Sunday” posts as Julie Hedlund does. I am definitely one of those people who forgets to stop and smell the roses. If I do start writing more personal posts would you be interested in reading it? (its okay to say no 🙂 )

Q3. Most of my reviews are for picture books, does this meet your need or would you like to see reviews of other kidlit genres. If the answer is Yes, which ones?

Top 5 Posts
Posts with the most hits in the past year.

  1. Reflections on Panem – I think the recent release of the Hunger Games movie might have something to do with this. Lot of search references for “panem capitol”.
  2. The Big Orange Splot – A lot of searches for “big orange splot activities”. I am guessing it is from teachers. Good to know the book is being used in the classroom a lot.
  3. The Gruffalo
  4. Shark in the Park
  5. How to Check Out Kindle eBooks – Step by step guide to checking out Kindle ebooks from your library.

Still with me. Great!

Prize: $25 Gift Card to Amazon
Deadline: Sunday, April 1st 11:59PM PST
How to Enter:

a) All existing and new members get one entry for being a follower. Please list in your comment how you follow the blog via email, RSS, Facebook, etc.

b) One entry for answering any or all of my questions earlier.

c) One entry for spreading the word about Flowering Minds on your Facebook, Twitter, or blog. Please leave a link in your comments.

Winners will be announced here on Monday, April 2nd.

Thank you to all my readers.
Good Luck with the giveaway – may the odds be in your favor.


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