Revision Diary

April 13, 2017

I’m starting to realize my process through this is a bit more fluid.

  • Finished typing out two chapters of my mentor CB. And will be on-track to do scene cards.
  • Instead of brainstorming Karina CB story arcs. I started back-up on the self-paced Chapter Book Blueprint course. My main focus is on building out Karina’s character first then brainstorm story arcs.
  • I’m hoping that building out Karina’s character will shed light on other possible PB arcs. I’m going to hold off on re-reading editorial feedback until I have a few more exploratory Karina drafts done. I want to give myself the space to create before narrowing down.

How I’m Feeling: 0 (neutral — just chugging along)

April 12, 2017

Had a hard time getting started. I would sit down and try to start but couldn’t. Beginnings are the hardest part for me, especially in new drafts. I ended up making this quick pep talk sign and hung it right in front of me.

It worked! While I did manage to keep the editor away, I still ended up writing the first scene three times within the first ten minutes. I did finish a draft. It wasn’t exactly what I had set out to write, but it was a start. This draft, I’m calling my preschool draft since the MC feels a bit younger than in the original and the story is half the length and it just has a younger feel to it.

I don’t know what draft to write next, so instead, I’m going to spend a little time studying an early chapter book to see if that is a possible fit.

Next steps:

  • Type out three chapters of the early CB mentor text
  • Apply SG method to find the Want/Misbelief/Hasn’t Learned aspects for the mentor text. Do scene cards for the typed chapters to understand how it all fits
  • Brainstorm possibilities for Karina in a CB
  • Re-read editorial feedback on the PB and try to internalize and find the subtext.

April 9, 2017

I did 1.5 pages of free-write brain dump psyching myself for what lays ahead.  Here is what I learned.

  • Figuring out Karina’s heart won’t be easy. Karina is a complex girl. Hence the only way to truly understand her is to continuously write her into different situations/storylines, observing her reactions, and asking WHY?
  • Figuring out Karina won’t be easy, but I have to and will push through because I am the Author!
  • From the words of BIG MAGIC, dear internal editor you are appreciated but right now you are going on vacation alone! Enjoy the rest because I will need you recharged later on.
  • I archived all the previous revisions/critiques/query letters.  Makes it easier to start over when seeing a blank folder. I am tempted to delete the archive, maybe at a later date.
  • I did the Jean Reidy 4 column/5 step exercise which helped showcase where I should be focusing on to get emotional resonance. Don’t know how to exactly do it yet, but am trying not to worry.
  • Using Story Genius Method I’ll draft a Want/Misbelief/Hasn’t Learned but will try not to get too worked up if I don’t know if I’ve dug deep enough.


Revising more like ripping apart my Karina story of 45 revisions to the bare bones to re-build is going to be one of the hardest things I’ve had to embark on so far in my six years of writing. The page acts as a journal so I can remember the process of how I felt and the things I did to get through the revision. The things I write may not always make sense, apologies in advance. Apologies for poor grammar too. Hope this helps other writers.

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