Mid-Year Check-in slightly late

flowersHi Everyone,

Hope your summer or winter is grand. Hope your reading and/or writing is going splendid. I have been focusing more on my own writing and hence have had to cut back on doing book reviews. It is a struggle since there are so many wonderful books I want to tell you about, but have limited time. I do have a slew of books ready to talk about in the coming months.

Here is what I have been up to these past seven months.

  1. Completed a three-month PB mentorship with the amazing author Kathi Appelt. If you ever get a chance to study with her do it! Thank you WNDB for the opportunity.
  2. Attended two SCBWI conferences where I got to soak up on craft and network with agents/editors.
  3. Queried agents with my picture books, now just sitting back (constantly checking email) for a response.
  4. Re-joined my in-person critique group. So now I have three fabulous critique groups.
  5. Started volunteering with the head librarian at my kids’ school. It’s been a lot of fun. I love, love booktalking and giving recommendations. So much fun finding that next awesome book.
  6. Finally setup by iPhone to listen to audiobooks from Audible and the local library. Absolutely loving it! I listen while driving to work, folding the laundry, and exercising on the elliptical. Now I stand a better chance of ‘reading’ more novels.
  7. Number six was important and driven by my next goal which is to write a historical fiction novel. I’m currently reading Mary Kole’s Writing Irresistible Kidlit, which is fantastic!!
  8. Currently participating in Kidlit Summer School – The Plot Thickens. The free-writes are helping me come up with possible scenes for the novel. The class is FREE!!
  9. Participated in RhyPiBoMo but flamed out. Don’t think rhyming is for me, at least not for now.
  10. Attended ALA Summer Conference in San Francisco. Check out my ALA album to see which authors I met.

Would love to hear how your reading and writing has been progressing!

12 Comments to “Mid-Year Check-in slightly late”

  1. Congratulations! You are having productive year. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  2. That’s awesome, Darshana, especially having the pb mentorship! Congrats on your accomplishments, and I hope you hear great things from the agents!

  3. You have been one busy gal. Congrats on all the accomplishments! I love hearing about other’s successes. I continue to write and paint out of love for both, learning as I go, and thoroughly enjoying the journey.

  4. How amazing to work with Kathi Appelt!! I can’t wait to read your picture books!!!

  5. I hope No. 7 is the novel I heard you talk about at WOW last year. 🙂 Best of luck with the remainder of the year goals!

  6. Congrats, Darshana. Would you consider writing a post about choosing which activities to participate in? I end up like Doug from UP, distracted by every cool event kidlit has to offer. They’re mostly all valuable, but if I’m not careful, I end up running in circles instead of progressing toward my goals. Thanks for your inspiring post.

    • It’s okay I spent quite a bit of time running around like Doug trying to soak everything up. Sure I’ll consider writing up a post. It might be a few months, will let you know. Thx!

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