Hooray for Hat!

hoorayforhatTitle: Hooray for Hat!
Author & Illustrator: Brian Won

Publisher: HMH Books, 2014
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: 2-6
Themes: Friendship, Kindness


It was hard to stay grumpy now.
Elephant cheered. “I will show Zebra!”


Elephant wakes up grumpy—until ding, dong! What’s in the surprise box at the front door? A hat! HOORAY FOR HAT! Elephant marches off to show Zebra, but Zebra is having a grumpy day, too—until Elephant shares his new hat and cheers up his friend. Off they march to show Turtle! The parade continues as every animal brightens the day of a grumpy friend. An irresistible celebration of friendship, sharing, and fabulous hats.


  • Have a Hat Parade! Download and print this colorful activity kit with hats from the book!
  • Have kids Read and Act out the story. This tale is laid out well for Reader’s Theater.
  • Have kids do a Random Act of Kindness. Here is a link to my past blog post to get some ideas.

Why I Love This Book:

I love, love, love this book! It is perfect for story time and preschools, but will certainly bring a smile to anyone that reads it.

  • I love the simplicity of the story, that can be summarized with three keywords, grumpy – hat – friends.
  • I love that sheer joy and innocence in the characters, that represents young kids so well.
  • I love the repetitious lines “GO AWAY! I’M GRUMPY!” and “HOORAY FOR HAT!” that help to provide a strong story structure.
  • I love the bright, colorful illustrations and the use of white space to make the art eye-grabbing. Also the use of colored letters for HOORAY throughout the story.
  • But most of all I love that it teaches kindness and sharing.

Enjoy this adorable trailer:

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

12 Comments to “Hooray for Hat!”

  1. Oh, my! This book looks so cute! I love that “Go away I’m grumpy” 🙂 I will definitely have to read this one! Thanks so much for sharing, Darshana!

  2. Adorable!

  3. I love all the happy in this one!

  4. Oh, we’ll find this one. I like your three-word summary!

  5. Love hat books! Must be the influence of Caps for Sale in my youth!

  6. What a sweet book for young children.

  7. A hat parade!! I feel like I’m in a hat parade every day! Hats everywhere! All Happy!

  8. This is awesome! 😀 I love hats! Just got one last night, actually! 🙂

  9. Hats off to your choice! Thanks for sharing.

  10. That’s me when I wake up in the morning with the black, grumpy swirls over my head. Now, I just need a party hat.

  11. Sorry I missed this on Friday. I love the trailer. This seems like the kind of book my kids would memorize and then act out. Fun activities, too. Thanks.

  12. This book just makes me smile! And so does the trailer which I’ve watched many times.

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