Teeny Tiny Trucks

TTTrucksTitle: Teeny Tiny Trucks (book, app)

Author: Tim McCanna
Illustrator: Keith Frawley
Publisher: Little Bahalia, 2013
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: 3-6
Themes: Trucks, Insects

Opening Lines:
“Teeny tiny trucks. Smaller than a dime.
So much to deliver, in very little time.”

Synopsis (from Amazon website):

Slugs in traffic jams, busy bees and caterpillar bridges you never know what you’ll encounter with Teeny Tiny Trucks! Teeny Tiny Trucks hits the road with a convoy of micro-sized rigs as they trek through a treacherous garden, down a grassy landscape, across a wide stretch of sidewalk and into the great beyond. Will they deliver their teeny tiny cargo on time?


  • Downloadable coloring sheets of the Teeny Tiny Trucks.
  • Grab some building sets, some trucks/cars, and whatever else you have and make your own truck route.

Why I Like This Book:

Breaker .. Breaker. We have got a new truck that is sure to delight all kids and will have them speaking like veteran trucker in no time. This colorful, rhyming book from debut author Tim McCanna is wonderful. I enjoyed the microcosm aspect of the book, teaching kids to see ordinary things in a new way. For example, a water hose is like a tunnel and a garden is like a jungle to teeny tiny truck.

Best of all kids can enjoy it in print form or as an interactive app. The two formats complement each other well. The print version has the bonus trucker glossary in the back. The app version has interactive elements at each spread, where kids can help the teeny tiny trucks by loading stuff onto the truck or moving obstacles out of the way. My 5yr-old daughter’s favorite part wasn’t the “helping” actions … nope, it was making the snails run into each other for the “fender bender” scene. So yes there is something for every child in this app.

Disclosure: I received my copy of this book from the author. This review nevertheless reflects my own and honest opinion about the book.

16 Responses to “Teeny Tiny Trucks”

  1. Have seen this book. The cover is very engaging. Kids will enjoy this tiny world.

  2. Love the cover art.. its adorable!

  3. Stopping by from the KLBH – the app looks great…Unfortunately our fleshlings only download free apps. Because they are cheap. 😉

    • Thanks for stopping by. Maybe they’ll have another promotion period for free downloads. It’s amazing how expensive they are to make. You could also make a book recommendation to your library to acquire the print format.

  4. Stopping by to say hello from the blog hop. Very nice review and so neat that there are coloring pages to match.

  5. Great discovery – I love that there is an app option, too. My toddler would love this, I’ll check it out – thanks! Stopping by via KLBH!

  6. From what I’ve seen of Tim in his videos, I’m sure this book is delightful!!!

  7. The expression on the truck’s face alone would make me want to read it 🙂 It looks so cute!

  8. Like the cover at the first sigh. The cute car looks like the red car in the cartoon “car”. I am sure the content is very engaging for young children. Thank you so much for sharing with us at Kid Lit Blog Hop!


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