Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Robots Title: Robots, Robots Everywhere!

Author: Sue Fliess (listen to her fantastic interview-episode 12 at Part Time Author Podcast)
Illustrator: Bob Staake
Publisher: Golden Books, 2013
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: 2-5
Themes: Robots

Opening Lines:

“On the ground and in the air,
Robots, robots, everywhere!
Up in space, beneath the seas,
Robots make discoveries.”

Synopsis (from Amazon Website):

So begins this rollicking Little Golden Book featuring robots of all kinds, from ones up in space to the ones we use at home. With bold, colorful artwork by award-winner Bob Staake, it’s a perfect introduction to the fascinating subject of today’s real robots!


Why I Like This Book:

One of the things I love about picture books is it makes learning so much fun. Who wouldn’t want to look at colorful illustrations with to the point text instead of reading some dry technical article with no pictures. That is exactly what Ms. Fliess has done with this high-energy book. She has made it fun to learn. It looks like a fiction book, but shhhh … it’s really non-fiction. There was a lot of research and most (maybe all) of the robots mentioned are either in-use today or there are prototypes.

Mr. Staake’s whimsical, bold colored illustrations captivate the eye while the rhyming text keeps the reader zipping along (and learning). There are deep-sea robots, vacuum robots, even planting crop robots. The only thing that upset me was there was no bibliography at the end so I could go read more on all these interesting robots. But alas this is a picture book for the little ones, for them it’s perfect. For the older kids (adult kids) go check-out Wikipedia.

Check-out this awesome book trailer, I love the music.

This review is part of Susanna Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.

Disclosure: I received my copy of this book from the publisher Golden Books. This review nevertheless reflects my own and honest opinion about the book.


38 Responses to “Robots, Robots Everywhere!”

  1. Very cute! I love the trailer. That IS neat this is a NF book!

    • Hmm .. maybe it’s really a concept book about robots. The book is classified as fiction. Regardless of it’s classification the book is a blast. Hope you get to read it.

  2. This book looks like SO MUCH FUN, Darshana! And I love your activities. I wish this book had been around when my son was little. Maybe I’ll send him a copy at college anyway 🙂 Thanks for adding this delightful book to our list!

  3. Love the tune in the trailer. That is a great book for kids, my son loves non-fiction and this looks a winner.

  4. Robots are considered the coolest at my house right now. I will see if we can get our hands on this one.

  5. Should we be afraid of robot authors taking over the world of publishing? Dibs on that idea. Bob Staake’s work is a great pairing for this subject matter. The trailer makes me want this one!

  6. Thank you for the review, Darshana!

  7. Love the cute trailer. I grew up with Golden Books, and only in the past year realized that they still were being printed. A book about different types of robots will appeal to a lot of kids. Great activities, Darshana!

    • Same here. I didn’t realize they were still around and publishing new titles. I remember reading them as a kid. I do like that they are only $3.99!

    • Can’t believe they’ve priced them so parents can afford them. They are nostalgic and represent a period of time in children’s literature. They have become more current and very appealing to kids.

  8. Gorgeous illustration work! Definitely an eye catcher!

  9. Love that trailer, and of course everything Sue writes. Great choice!

  10. I liked this one, too! Glad you featured it.

  11. Nice tight opening rhyme. I have been wanting to read a review on this one, Darshana!

  12. This looks great! There’s something perennially intriguing and inherently fun about robots!

  13. cute trailer… I love the robot voices – and the space shot of the Mars rover. I agree – a bibliography at the end for robot-curious kids (and parents)!

  14. Little Golden books are the first books I remember! This sounds so fun – and I have a feeling there are things that I never thought of as robots. Thanks for sharing, Darshana.

  15. Clever fun and clever rhyme. Sounds like “Robots” is a real good time! Okay. I know. That was weak, but I’ve only had one cup of coffee. This one’s on the list for sharing! Thanks for highlighting here on the hop!

  16. Definitely looks a winner especially for my son

  17. Great trailer! I just noticed that it’s a LIttle Golden Book ~ I always associate those with books from MY childhood. We’ve reviewed a book by Sue Fliess before as well and she just seems to understand what children are drawn to. This book looks FANTASTIC! Thanks for sharing it in the Kid Lit Blog Hop! 🙂

  18. Thanks Renee. I agree Sue has a knack writing books for little ones.


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