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It is 12-12-12 today and time to celebrate the first year of 12×12 in 2012 Picture Book Challenge. While I only finished 5 drafts this year, it has still been an amazing year connecting, learning, supporting, and being supported by my fellow picture book writers. It is such an awesome community, you guys are GREAT!

A Big, Big thank you to the amazingly, talented, organized, and creative Julie Hedlund (check-out her Beastie Boys song).

I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be in my writing without the wonderful 12×12. If you are a picture book writer, check-out the info for 12×12 in 2013, it just gets better and better.

Since I LOVE 12×12 for its repository of knowledge and supportive nature. Here is my very quickly done riff off of “WE WILL ROCK YOU” by Queen.

We Will Rock You – 12×12

<stomp – stomp – clap>

Buddy you’re a young writer, fast learner
But you need to join 12-by-12 today
You think you’re an ace
You big disgrace
You need to check-out 12-by-12’s knowledge base

We will we will rock you — EDITORS!
We will we will rock you — AGENTS !

Buddy its hard road, long road
But 12-by-12’s says you’re gonna make it someday
Put your butt in its place
Leave no blank space
Start writing words all over the page

We will we will rock you — EDITORS!
We will we will rock you — AGENTS !


42 Comments to “We Will Rock You – 12×12 Blog Party”

  1. Love it! You ROCK, Darshana! and so does 12×12. So glad we’re on this journey together.

  2. Love it Darshana! I agree the best thing about the challenge was not my drafts as much as all I learned from everyone on the challenge! Hope your five turn into some wonderful successes.

  3. Darshana, your riff is fantastic. Now you have to film the video! Look out Psy, the picture book singers are taking center stage!

  4. LOVE IT! Now if only we can get Julie to sing this one too on video OR you can do one, Darshana! Love your version of We Will Rock You!

  5. Great, Darshana. I LOVE it! It’s been nice to get to know you a bit through 12×12 in 12, and hopefully in 13, too!

  6. That’s awesome Darshana! You rocked the pb house with that number.

  7. aw shucks .. thanks! 🙂

  8. Wow! Everyone is so talented! I am having such a good time reading all these songs and stories! Love your Queen riff! 🙂 Very clever!

  9. That was fun Darshana! So creative 🙂 Congrats to you and your accomplishments this year.

  10. I love your writing power song. Congrats on your five completed manuscripts. It only takes one… I finished with 12 but half of them are skeeetchy. Here’s to 2013! 🙂

    • Thanks Hannah. I had been thinking about the song for about a week, but could only come up with the ‘we will rock you’ lines. I was about to give up when the rest of the lines came together during lunch break today and I whipped out the post. As for my drafts only one has made it to the almost polished stage the rest are still in infancy, but I don’t mind. Best of luck to you in 2013.

  11. Very cute, Darshana! I’m glad I connected with you during 12×12.

  12. Your 12 x 12 “We Will Rock You” is very creative. Thanks for rockin’ my day. Congratulations on completing five drafts. Five drafts is better than no drafts. Come to think of it, five drafts is better than 4, 3, 2, or 1 draft.

  13. I can even hear Freddie singing it! I don’t know where I’d be without 12×12 either. Hope you’re in for 2013 too!

  14. Rockin’ awesome post, Darshana! 🙂

  15. Yay! Another musical celebration! You’ve contributed so much to the 12 x 12 community Darshana. Thank you for writing with me this year. Plus, now I have ANOTHER writing song to keep me awake at night – LOL!

  16. Can you get a music video of that? 😉 Great post!

  17. Very creative post Darshana!. Congratulations on finishing five drafts.

  18. Haha! Love it! You rock! 🙂

  19. I love it your song, Darshana. And I especially love how you said “first year of 12 x 12.” I can’t wait for 12 x 12 in 2013!

  20. Wow, I’m impressed, Darshana! Good job on the song/cheer. Hopefully you will join us again for another year of 12×12. Looking forward to it!

  21. Okay, one of my FAVE songs–and you rocked it out. BIG congrats on your five mss–and a lovely blog, too!

  22. Glad you like my rendition. Thanks Cathy.

  23. Darshana…you are the ‘queen’ of Queen ‘rewrites’…awesome job with ‘We Will Rock You’!
    Congrats on your pb drafts…it’s an amazing kid lit community and I’m proud to be one of the number and to have met you. Here’s to a successful and joyful 2013. 🙂

  24. Thanks Vivian. It has been a pleasure getting to know you. Best of Luck in 2013.

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