12×12: June Update

As we know the life of a writer is made of peaks and valleys. Was definitely in the valley this month, but I believe its because I am climbing towards a peak. Here is a list of the things that I didn’t get done this month:

– Didn’t finish my duck story draft that I started in late April.
– Dropped out of the Teachers Write: Summer Virtual Writing Camp
– Didn’t get to write a post for the 12×12 Halfway Blogfest. But you should definitely check out all the wonderful posts by the other 12×12’ers, they are a creative bunch.

So where did all my time go, you ask? For the last two weeks I have been manically revising my Feb 12×12 draft “MONSTERS IN THE PARK” to try and get in by the July 7th deadline as a conference submission to an editor. Not sure if it will happen or not yet. Will be doing the dummy over the next few days to help me decide. It seems every time I fix one aspect of the story, another one breaks. Very frustrating. Also the big question I am having trouble answering is “How do you know when the story is ready to submit?” Does it have to be perfect? Can there be some rough spots? Knowing you can’t submit a story more than once to an agent or editor, definitely adds pressure to the mix. Would love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

Here is what I am doing next month:

  1. Finish my duck story, yes I have no excuse for not getting it done next month.
  2. Complete Anastasia Suen’s Intensive Picture Book Workshop #1-6.
  3. Guest blogging on Rate Your Story on July 11th.

Happy Writing to all of you!

My TBR Bookshelf will now be moved to its own separate post, so stay tuned for it!


12 Comments to “12×12: June Update”

  1. Spending time revising Monsters in the Park is a terrific use of your time! I wish you all the best with that delightful story.

    I have no wisdom to impart about how to know when a story is “done” because I know that I could go on tweaking forever. I think there comes a point when you’re just making minor changes for the sake of tweaking, and you just have to take a deep breath and submit it. Others who are more experienced will hopefully share how better to arrive at that point!

  2. I think it’s great you’re posting your monthly goals here. I, too, took A. Suen’s pb classes, and that in itself it a lot of work. Regarding your ms, just try your best to get it to shine by first relying on your critique group and even RYS. That’s wonderful you can submit it to an editor this month! Keep us posted.

    • Thanks Tina. Yup, the story has gone through several rounds with my two critique groups and twice to RYS. At this point I am just up against a deadline, this Saturday. Yikes! I have made the changes requested from RYS the second time, just don’t know if it is ready now. Oh well, have a few more days to figure it out, and stop putting so much pressure on myself. Afterall its just a story.

  3. Since I’m a submission scaredy cat right now, I can’t tell you from experience. I think there was an “Oh Susanna” on the topic. I don’t think anything is ever really finished. I’ve found the “Writing it Right” by Sandi Asher very useful to see how a manuscript changes. One word may need to be changed or a whole lot more, but you won’t know until you submit. Happy revising until July 7. Best of luck.

    • Thanks Stacy, will go through the “Oh Susanna” archives. Thanks for the book recommendation, will check it out. Hope things are getting better with regards to the wildfire.

  4. You still did great! YAY! Good luck this month!

  5. Go easy on yourself. It’s not a race… it’s a journey:) Breathe:)

  6. It sounds to me like you’re doing very well even if you didn’t get everything done you hoped to!! As for submitting, I’d say make it as perfect as you can, but expect that an agent of editor might still have revisions they want you to make…

    • Thanks Susanna. I finally did the dummy this morning and realized the story was too long. Also there are a few rough spots. Might seek out a paid critique service for it.

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