My Monster Mama Loves Me So

Less than 48 hours ago I received a request to do storytime at the Mother’s Day party the following day. I began frantically looking for a suitable  book to read to a KG classroom and their moms. Eeeks, too much pressure. Luckily, I have got a great group folks who were quick to recommend books. I would like to publicly thank Hicklebee’s Bookstore, Allen the children’s librarian at the Santa Clara City Library who proactively pulled books on put them on the holdshelf for me, and the 12x12ers (Susanna Hill, Julie Hedlund, Tina Cho, and Julie Rowan-Zach)

Here is the list of Mother’s Day Books recommended:

So many great books to choose, how to choose. I had a  number of criteria, main one being availability at the library that day; I chose Mother’s Day (thank you Allen) and My Monster Mama Love Me So (thank you Tina). Storytime went splendid and quite interactive.  Here more about the kids reactions on the Monster Mama book in the review below. Enjoy!

Title: My Monster Mama Loves Me So

Author: Laura Leuck
Illustrator: Mark Buehner

Publisher: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, 1999
Book Type: Fiction
Ages: 3-8
Themes: Monsters, Rhyming, Family

“My monster mama loves me so!
Let me tell you how I know

When I wake up, she tweaks my nose,
tickles all my pointy toes,

combs the cobwebs from my bangs,
and makes sure that I brush my fangs.”


This sweet, funny story is about the relationship between a monster and his mommy. The monster goes on to list how he knows his monster mama loves him, from brushing fangs, to attending beastball games, and singing monster lullabies. Sure to elicit some monster hugs.


At Home:

  • The best activity for this book is to just sit down with your kid for story time. Start a conversation of all the favorite things the child likes to do with mom.
  • Create a Monster Bean Bag Toss game.


  • List of preschool activities including a monster song, exploration activities, monster puppet craft and much more. These are excerpts from “Preschool Activities” book published by Teacher Created Resources.

Why I Like This Book:

A monsterly good book. Love the silly, rhyming text and the detailed, colorful illustrations showing the monster world. Some monster book illustrations just focus on the monster and maybe a few other nearby objects; this book does it throughout and beautifully. The creaky floor-boards and cobwebs in the house, to a green murky swamp with billowing trees and an amphibious lifeguard, to a park bench at night with an owl perched on a tree with bats flying around.

It was no surprise that half the KG class were sitting on their knees to get a better look. The KGers cried “Ewww” or “Eeek” at their favorite lines: cookies filled with bugs, lizard juice with ice. I liked the ending ‘ and hangs my favorite bat above me’, you’ll have to just get the book to see which type of bat it is.

This book was recommended for Mother’s Day, but would work just as well for Halloween.

This review is part of Susana Leonard Hill’s Perfect Picture Book series. Visit her site to see the other books recommended.


21 Comments to “My Monster Mama Loves Me So”

  1. This book sounds like so much fun, and I’m glad you were able to pull a terrific read-aloud of the hat like that! Yay you!

  2. Sounds like you made a perfect choice, and so nice of you to list all the suggestions! 🙂

  3. This book sounds like lots of fun – I’m not surprised the kindergartners loved it 🙂 The art sounds great too. And what a great title – pretty much makes you want to read it 🙂 Thanks for another great review and another fun addition to our list!

  4. How cute. And perfect for Mother’s Day!

  5. Darshana, the book cover grabbed me immediately! What a fabulous suggestion — love the three eyes! Makes monsters lookly friendly. Liked your suggstions.

  6. What a sweet way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Thanks for the comprehensive list of titles.

  7. This one sounds great, and I love the list of other titles as well. Thanks, Darshana!

  8. My k-kids love this book too. And I love the twist at the end. I had not thought of it as a Mother’s Day book – but of course it fits perfectly.

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  9. Awww…it sounds so wonderful. What a darling cover. I’m pinning it on my Pinterest “Books I Want To Read” board right now. Thanks for putting it on the list.

  10. love this Darshana, very fun loving cover.

  11. Good for you, it sounds like it went superbly and what a great list, though, I have to say, My Monster Mama Loves me So, does seem like a real winner! I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s day yesterday, Darshana?

  12. Adorable, I have to keep an eye out for this one. My littles would love it!

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