PiBoIdMo 2011 Done – Next 12×12 PB Challenge

Thank you Tara for organizing this wonderful event again. I loved having the Facebook page this year, made the whole experience more interactive.

Yeah I did it! 30 ideas in 30 days. Honestly I was almost ready to give up two-thirds of the way through when I was down by 17 ideas. But the PiBoIdMo community is great and recommended ways to kickstart my brain.

In the past my ideas have always come from observing my children or watching/listening to the world around me.  I refer to these as my organic ideas. I love these ideas because they are more heartfelt and real for me. However one thing they are definitely NOT is whimsical, silly, or crazy.

When I was struggling at the two-thirds mark to come up with ideas, some folks suggested looking at Tara blog post of 400+ Things that Kids Like. At first I looked at the list and was like okay this is interesting but still no lightbulb. Couldn’t figure out how to combine the different words together to come up with and idea. I needed someone or something else to do the combination for me. So I used a random number generator and had it generate 30 sets of 3 words each. It was interesting to see the results that popped into my head as I read the sets of words. I finally got my silly, whimsical ideas!

So now I have 30 ideas, some good, some so-so, some which will probably never see the light-of-day, but that’s okay. A fellow PiBoIdMo’er Julie Hedlund is setting up a 12 x 12 Picture Book Challenge, write 12 Picture Book first-drafts in one-year. Doesn’t seem so hard right? Considering I only generated two PB manuscripts last year, I have considerable doubt. But hey if you don’t try you will never know what you are capable of. So here I go on another challenge … wish me luck! Anyone else signing up for this?

5 Comments to “PiBoIdMo 2011 Done – Next 12×12 PB Challenge”

  1. The 12 X 12 challenge is a great idea but like you, I don’t usually generate too many manuscripts in one year. There was a time when I just started writing for kids that I did, but now the drafts come very very slowly–at least most of the time. Because of PiBoIdMo, I’ve been so focused on picture books and social media in the last month that I think I need a little break now. I’ll see how I feel once 2012 rolls around, though 🙂 Good luck on your drafts!

  2. I’m in for 12×12 — even if I don’t achieve the full 12 drafts (and they just have to be drafts, as I understand, not polished, ready for submission, manuscripts) this will give me a good nudge each month to actually DO something with the ideas I’ve generated in PiBoIdMo.

    I’m so glad you’ve been in PiBoIdMo and are giving 12×12 a go — and yes, the Facebook groups are GREAT!

  3. I loved PiBoIdMo too – it’s my second year – and I think the face book group was a great addition! I’m doing 12X12 too – hope it will be incentive and support to kick me in the #$%! 🙂 I love your random number idea generator idea – I’d like to give it a try! Did you use one of the generators on random.org?

  4. Thanks for posting your idea about using the random generator. This sounds like a great way to jump start some great ideas.

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