Rah, Rah, Radishes!

Cheer out loud
A lively chant.

On carrots, brussels,
And turnip plants.

Resplendent photos
On every page

A wonderful book
For any age

Who knew vegetables could be so much fun! This book takes you on a walk through a farmer’s market with gorgeous pictures of fresh, crunchy, yummy looking produce. Each page is beautifully laid out using contrasting colors on the border to make the photos stand out even more.

The fun part for my kids was when I would ask them to find a vegetable on the page or count. Some of the photos have signs with the price and name of the vegetable, which my 5-year old liked to read.

Author & Photographer: April Pulley Sayre

Rah Rah Radishes


11 Comments to “Rah, Rah, Radishes!”

  1. This looks like a fun book!

  2. We read this not that long ago. Last week at parent/teacher conferences, my preschooler’s teacher commented the he know and can sort fruits and vegetables. It was a proud moment! I never knew what brussels sprouts looked like on the stalk until i saw them at my farmer’s market last year. Funky, but cool. 🙂

  3. Cool. Glad you and your son enjoyed the book. I saw brussel sprouts on the stalk at Whole Foods last year, sadly my farmer’s market is not as nice as the one in this book.

  4. OMG! I love this book. I wish I had little ones at home to buy it for:) This is definitely a book I’ll recommend this gift-giving season. What a great review, Darshana. It was so much fun to see you in Palo Alto! You are an inspiration, and a lot of fun too! Have a great weekend, D!

    • You are too kind Laura. Its okay you don’t need to have little ones at home to buy picture books. It was great seeing you too. Just read your post on Dee’s writing class, sounds interesting. I have starred it so I can come back to it later.

  5. Oh, I just saw this book on the shelf at the book store today but didn’t pick it up to look inside. I’m so glad you included some spreads from the book on your post. Looks educational and fun!

    • For me this is one of those “don’t judge a book by the cover” cases. I was introduced to the book at a conference. I still remember the editor showing the cover of the book and telling us the text was done in a cheerleading chant style. Upon hearing that I was like this book is not for me, and then she showed us the page spreads and I was hooked.

  6. This book is super catchy! It has been months since we’ve read this book and my son will still quote from it. I’m all for more books promoting good food!

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