Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

There is one thing you will never, ever, ever forget after reading this comical, witty, fun-fact filled, low on words but high on laughter story and that is


Each chapter contains numerous illustrations to keep the reader engaged page after page, such that the young reader may not even mind when they get to a page of entire text! Uncle Murray appears several times to even provide some scientific facts about cats.

This book will appeal to all kids. I am not a “pet” person (probably since I never had one) and even I enjoyed it. I read this book since I thought it was on my Cybils reading list, only to realize I had the wrong title. But I didn’t mind reading it one bit, and I look forward to reading his newer book Bad Kitty Meets the Baby.

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Author & Illustrator: Nick Bruel

Bad Kitty Gets a Bath

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