Cybils Awards

Q: What are the Cybils Awards?

A: Children’s and Young-Adult books recognized as has having the highest literary merit and “kid appeal” by the book blogging community.

Anyone can nominate a book. There are a number of categories such as Picture Book, Middle-Grade, YA Fiction, Poetry, etc. This year they added a new category Ebook Apps. Nominations are open from Oct 1st – Oct 15th. I will post again with links to this year’s nominations page. To see winners from 2010 click here.

Q:Why I am excited about this?

A: I get to be a Round 1 judge for the Early Reader/Chapter Books category with a great group of fellow bloggers! I must admit I am a little nervous for two reasons. One, it is my first time judging, and second I have to read a large number of books in ~10 weeks. Last year there were almost 60 books nominated in this category.

I will have to put my own picture book writing on the back-burner for the next few months. But that’s okay especially if I get to learn more about the Early Reader/Chapter Book market by going through this process.

Q: Will I stop doing book reviews during this period?

A: Absolutely not! What you may see is a shift from picture book reviews to Early Reader/Chapter Books for the next three months. Though I do love picture books, so I may try to sneak in some reviews.

Do you have a favorite children’s book published in the last year?


4 Comments to “Cybils Awards”

  1. Thanks so much for volunteering with us this year! I know it’ll be a lot of work but I hope you also have a lot of fun.

  2. I am so excited to have you joining us Darshana, and I love your perspective of growing your understanding of the audience. These are just the coolest readers on the planet!!

  3. Wow, Darshana – a great (though probably difficult!) opportunity for you. What a chance to read a lot of great books, but how hard to choose!

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