Borrowing Library Ebooks for the Kindle is Here!

I have a BIG fan of the public library system. I am also a big fan of ebooks, especially when the book is so large it could be used as a  doorstop. So I am happy to announce that OverDrive now supports checking out ebooks for the Kindles. OverDrive is the main supplier for ebooks and audio books to the public libraries. To read more check out OverDrive’s press release.

According to EarlyWord blog entry, roll out of the new program should be complete by the end of the week.

I will definitely be checking my library’s system this week to see how seamless or annoying it is to check out books for my Kindle. Sorry if I sound a little skeptical, but I still can’t check out audio books off of OverDrive and have it work on my iPhone!


One Comment to “Borrowing Library Ebooks for the Kindle is Here!”

  1. This sounds very cool. Please let us know how it works. I don’t have a Kindle (yet) but if this library thing works, that might be one more reason to get one!

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