Ladybug Girl

“She thinks of the 59 letter L’s she found, and how she saved the ants. She wasn’t afraid of the shark at all, she built the perfect fort, and she balanced across the whole tree without falling — all by herself!”

Lulu is a free-spirited young girl in her ladybug costume looking for something to do. Mama and Papa are busy and tell her to go make her own fun. She asks her brother if she can play baseball with him and his friends, but he says “No, you’re too little.” Ladybug girl is sad, but only for a little bit. Bingo her trusty dog leads her outside, and there Ladybug Girl makes her own fun rescuing ants, repairing a fort, walking along a fallen log without falling. By the end of the morning Ladybug Girl knows she is definitely not to little.

This is a unique book, one that I think could become a classic as it has a number of great qualities. Any young child can relate to wanting time with a busy parent or older sibling, and remembers being told to go figure it out for themselves. The author does a great job conveying the various emotions of Ladybug Girl such as frustration when she doesn’t know what to do, empowered when she helps the ants, daring when she splashes past the shark, angry when her brother still won’t let her play, and enlightened when she realizes she is definitely not little. I love the message of this book that no one is too little and that you can create your own fun anywhere. It is refreshing to see this message in a realistic story that could occur in the most ordinary of backyards.

Currently, this is my three year old’s go to book. There are other books in the series which I look forward to reading.

Recommendation: Add to Home Library

Author: Jacky Davis
Illustrator: David Soman

Ladybug Girl


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