Shark vs. Train

“Who will win?”

“Well, that depends on if they’re … in the ocean ..or on railroad tracks. If they’re on a seesaw on in hot-air balloons.”

This imaginative tale is about a competition between a shark and a train. The situations range from expected to bizarre, wacky and silly. By the end even shark and train realize this competition is getting a little out of hand.

The illustrations are the gem of the book, they carry the humor in an action-packed, cooky way.  The pictures vividly capture the myriad of emotions that shark and train experience in event after event.  The illustrator does a phenomenal job in bringing to life the characters by harnessing the soul and energy of two young boys.

This book will definitely appeal to any young boy, but my two girls enjoyed it thoroughly. Sometimes my 5 year old and I will grab two toys and try to come up with our own wacky competition.

Author: Chris Barton
Illustrator: Tom Lichtenheld

Shark vs. Train

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