Shark in the Park

Pup wakes Fat Cat.

She meows, “Why did you bark?”

“There’s a shark in the park!” Pup barks.

A cute little pup runs around the park warning his friends about the shark in the park. The story is short and entertaining with a surprise ending, that still makes my girls giggle.

This book is one of twelve books in the Usborne Phonics Readers Series. Each book focuses on a different sets of phonemes. (see post on “Phonemic Awareness“). I would recommend these books to kids that have already learned both short and long vowels, and constant blends and are looking to practice reading. These books may be a bit challenging for kids just starting to learn, due to the blends and irregular words.

Of the twelve books in the series, this book was our favorite. Some others we liked were ‘Frog On a Log‘ and ‘Toad Makes a Road‘.

Author: Phil Roxbee
Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright

Shark in the Park

2 Comments to “Shark in the Park”

  1. Sounds very cute. My 3 year old talks about sharks a lot. I keep wondering if he is fixated on them from a story we read. Thanks for linking up again to TCB!

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