Falling for Rapunzel

“Rapunzel, Rapunzel, throw down your hair!”

She thought he said, “Your underwear.”

One day a prince rides by and sees the girl of his dreams. He asks her to throw down various items so he can climb up and save her. But things don’t quite work out that way, due to series of mis-understandings. The book does end with the prince’s dreams coming true, but it’s not what you would expect. Afterall, it is a fractured fairytale.

My girls like the simple colorful images and rhyme. The author does a good job with the page-turns in holding the reader’s suspense of “what did Rapunzel throw down next”. This is a refreshing re-telling of a classic. Kids do not need be familiar with the original Rapunzel to enjoy this rendition.

Grab this book from the library and have a few chuckles!

Author: Leah Wilcox
Illustrator: Lydia Monks

Falling for Rapunzel


2 Comments to “Falling for Rapunzel”

  1. We love this book at our house. Have you seen Waking Beauty, by the same author and illustrator? It was written after Falling for Rapunzel, but we actually read it first…and absolutely love it, too!

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