Harry and Horsie

There was no time to lose! Harry put on his helmet and grabbed his goggles.

Then he jumped aboard his rocket ship … and took off to find his friend.

Harry and his friend Horsie are best friends and inseparable. Until one night when the Super Duper Bubble Blooper gets a little out of control and a super duper bubble carries his best friend up, up, and away. Harry does not fret, he gets on his rocket ship and blasts off on a rescue mission.

This is an imaginative story that any young child will enjoy. The retro-comic style works well and may bring some nostalgia for the parents. It is a fun read aloud book … who wouldn’t smile while saying “Bloop Bloop Bloop”. So grab this book and blast off on an adventure !

Author: Katie Van Camp
Illustrator: Lincoln Agnew

Harry and Horsie

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