One Drowsy Dragon

Two noisy dragons battle: Zonk! Whirl! Bleep!
One weary dragon moans, “Please let me sleep!”

A whimsical counting tale about some rambunctious young dragons who just want to stay up and play, play , play, and one drowsy dragon that just wants to sleep.The illustrations are vibrant and the counting goes from easy counting to challenging, near the end some sneeky little dragons are only partially draw-in.

This book can easily become a “please read again” book for the young reader that is learning to count. My three year-old loves to find and count all the dragons on each page as well as ask about a half-dozen other questions about the activities the dragons are doing.

Author & Illustrator: Ethan Long

One Drowsy Dragon

If you like this book, you might want to check out AlphaOops!: The Day Z went First, it has got a similar dose of zaniness going on.


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