Searching for a critique group & Needing to find time

So I wrote a book back in November .. yeah! But I haven’t done anything with it since. Boo-hoo. 😦

I joined Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCWBI). They are an international organization with many regional groups that hold conferences, workshops, etc. The events are supposed to be a great way to meet other people in the field and later on connecting with editors and agents. The organization also has a forum for getting on-line critiques. Personally I would like to get into a local critique group .. so I am still searching.

What I desperately need to do and have been struggling with for the last few weeks is to make time for writing and working on this blog site. Its hard when the late night hours are dedicated to unwinding or doing work for my day job; and the early morning hours before the kids wake up are dedicated to getting ready for the day and making dinner. I definitely need to dedicate some time to this writing endeavour, before I can make any progress.

I do truly admire how all those other beginning writers are able to find time between work and family responsibilities.

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