Getting the books you want from the library

Most libraries will allow you to do an on-line search through the catalog and reserve books. When the books become available you will be notified, usually via email. This is a great way to get the books you want without having to spend a lot of time searching through bookshelves.

I live in a big city which has multiple library satellite sites, hence a lot of times the book I want isn’t at my local site. But I can request the book and have it shipped to my local library. Often times while I am reading about books on other web sites, I’ll just click over to my local library site, lookup the book and request it. A few days later on my way home from work, I’ll stop by my local library, run to the  holdshelf to pick-up my books, and do self-checkout all in less than 5 mins (usually right before closing time).

See if you can do this at your library, it is a huge time saver and you “get the books you want”.

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